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Edexcel GCE Applied Information and Communication Technology Unit 3: The Knowledge Worker January 2013 Scenario Paper Reference 6953/01 The situation ought to be appropriated to applicants in any event three working a long time before the assessment. Practice records: whitecaps_practice. xls, fixtures_practice. txt, haway_practice. txt This situation ought to be utilized for the motivations behind planning possibility for the assessment. This duplicate must not be taken into the assessment. The data contained in the situation will be remembered for the assessment paper.Further subtleties are in the Instructions of the Conduct of Examinations (ICE), accessible from the Edexcel site for this capability. Edexcel won't acknowledge any solicitation for extraordinary thought should applicants be given the wrong situation for the assessment they are sitting. Turn over W41049A Â ©2013 Pearson Education Ltd. 6/*W41049A* Scenario Havering Whitecaps Maddy Wright and Katy Parrish have upheld Ha vering Whitecaps since their sweethearts played for the group. Their boyfriends’ vocations and the high school sentiments are currently especially before however their help of the group stays as solid as ever.Until 15 years back the Whitecaps were a battling non-alliance group with little help. There were times, on wet and cold November evenings, when Maddy and Katy were the main supporters. In 1999 an enchanted thing happened to the Whitecaps. Around then the team’s position, both in football terms and monetarily, was dangerous no doubt. Nonetheless, a budgetary sponsor showed up as Harold Adenyi. Harold had learned at the nearby school and even played a couple of games for the Whitecaps. His advancement as a footballer was hampered by an absence of ability.He abandoned a profession as a footballer to focus on what he was acceptable at, which was IT and arithmetic. He made a lot of cash by making an online bookkeeping site called lesstax. com. Harold was searching for things he could counterbalance against an enormous assessment bill and a misfortune making football club appeared to be a decent beginning. He purchased the Whitecaps from the past proprietors for ? 1 and quickly began to burn through cash on it. Harold’s style for business implied that the misfortune making football club didn't remain misfortune making for long.Harold marked a capable previous football group director and with his recommendation, burned through cash on players who all ended up being wise ventures. The manner in which the director had the group playing before long began to expand its fan base, so Harold manufactured another arena. The group kept on being effective and the new arena was before long filled at each match, putting the club on a solid budgetary balance. Money related achievement and playing achievement went connected at the hip and, in 2001, Havering Whitecaps was chosen for the Football League. After a couple of seasons, when the Whitecaps attemp ted to set up themselves, there followed an eriod of continuous achievement including advancement to the first Division and after two years the Championship. Last season the Whitecaps won the Championship and are at present anticipating their first season in the Premier League. All through this time of advancement, Maddy and Katy have been shouting urging words to their group (and the intermittent demoralizing one to the resistance) and they have scarcely missed a match. It was inescapable that as the Whitecaps’ two most devoted supporters they would turn into the executive and secretary of the supporters’ club.One of their primary errands is to sort out away outings for fans. This includes purchasing the tickets, booking the mentors and choosing what to charge for the ticket and transport bundles. With 14,678 enlisted supporters, sorting out the away outings isn't a simple errand. With the chance of more than 400 mentors heading out to an away match, the quantity of t ransport firms the pair could utilize was restricted. Since the Whitecaps were elevated to the Championship Maddy and Katy have utilized ‘Rubicon Transport’ whose rates are sensible and who can gracefully enough mentors on a match day. 2 W41049ARubicon charge a fixed aggregate of ? 350 for every mentor, in addition to a ? 1. 50 fuel overcharge for each 100 miles voyaged. Furthermore, Rubicon’s guidelines express that a driver can't be responsible for the mentor for over 9 hours per day. Should the entire excursion last over 9 hours (counting the match time) a subsequent driver would be required. There is a charge of ? 75 for the subsequent driver. Chief League ticket costs differ enormously and Maddy has been provided a scope of cost estimates fluctuating between ? 30 and ? 54 by the Premier League clubs. Maddy and Katy don't have to make a general profit.Their principle point is to get however many fans as could be expected under the circumstances to away matche s. In spite of the fact that they can bear to make a misfortune on singular excursions, they can't stand to make a misfortune by and large. In this manner a precise forecast of the quantity of individuals who will need to go to a specific match is imperative. They are likewise mindful that more individuals will need to go to certain matches than others. To help discover what number of individuals are probably going to go to each match they ran an online overview. This was finished by 94% of their enrolled supporters. To make information investigation simpler, Katy has grouped the groups as appeared in the table.EG Teams battling for European brilliance MT Mid-table groups RD Teams liable to be associated with the assignment dogfight PR Newly elevated groups notwithstanding the order of the group, she found that different things influence the quantity of individuals liable to go to away matches. Less individuals would go if the match was played on a weekday as opposed to a Saturday ( or Sunday). The more drawn out the voyaging time, the less supporters were set up to travel. At long last, the general expense of the bundle would dishearten some from going to specific matches. W41049A 3 Turn over Description of the modelMaddy and Katy must be as precise as they can when setting the costs as they don’t need to make a benefit however can't stand to make a misfortune. Maddy and Katy need a model to assist them with settling on costs. Consequently, Maddy has convinced her sibling Kieran, who works in IT, to make a model. Kieran needed to make the model reusable with the goal that he could offer it to other supporters’ clubs. Lamentably, before he could complete the model, the organization Kieran worked for sent him to Dubai on a three-year contract. Maddy has requested that you complete the model and use it to recommend costs for the following season’s away matches.Kieran has left you these notes. Worksheet Description Teams This is the worksheet that will be utilized to set the bundle costs. I have recorded the groups in the Premier League alongside Katy’s groupings. For simplicity of review I have included data from different worksheets and have determined the absolute costs, income and benefit. There is a benefit for each excursion and an absolute benefit for the season. The worksheet will likewise figure the absolute number of supporters going to away matches. Cell B2 contains a drop-down box to pick the group you support. FixturesThis worksheet is a determined page which records the dates of the home and away installations. Queries This worksheet contains various query tables. There are two clear zones, these will contain the installation data gave by the Premier League. There are different tables to look into the day of the week, the reasonable help dependent on the teams’ grouping, the quantity of enlisted supporters and the ticket costs for the different clubs. Separations, Times These worksheets contai n the separations between the grounds and the normal occasions it would take a mentor to travel those journeys.I got these from an extremely accommodating man at the RAC. Client This worksheet is fragmented. When finished it will foresee the quantity of supporters who might make a trip to each away match. This depends on the quantity of enrolled supporters and afterward balanced by the host group order, at that point bundle cost lastly the movement time. I haven’t completed the investigation of the study yet so I can't place in formulae to consider the voyaging time and the general expense. A companion of mine is doing the examination for me and he will advance the outcomes to you when he has them. TransportIn this worksheet I compute what number of mentors are required, the expense per mentor and the general vehicle cost for the excursion. Transport Rates In this worksheet I have entered the vehicle rates as cited by Rubicon Transport. I trust you think that its straightforw ard my notes. Good karma finishing it. Kieran Wright 4 W41049A Some cells in the model are secret phrase ensured. Should you wish to explore different avenues regarding the model, the secret phrase is edexcel. Know that on the off chance that you change the substance of any ensured cell the model may not work. If you don't mind note that the Football League and Premier League alluded to in this situation are invented. W41049A 5

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E-Bussines Technologies Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

E-Bussines Technologies - Essay Example At the present, an ever increasing number of organizations are utilizing the web to do business assignments. Hence, seeing the significance of electronic trade in today’s business condition Servue Corporation has chosen to execute another online business course of action. Indeed, online business has changed the guide of the world. Presently individuals can get to any item or data by sitting at home utilizing web joins. A similar basic and mechanized business innovation is presently required at the Servue business. In this situation, this report will talk about a portion of the significant perspectives with respect to execution of this new innovation. BUSINESS OVERVIEW Servue Corporation is had some expertise in offering a scope of enriched earthenware. They have before offered their merchandise with informal exchange to neighborhood clients just as voyagers, by methods for their shop window, just as with mail request from their index or site. From the present business innovati on perspective the enterprise has been utilizing mid 1990s mechanized data framework just as utilizes their site for the most part for advertising purposes. Be that as it may, the present business site isn't a lot of dynamic to deal with and deal with the assignments of the business working through the web. Along these lines, the online administration of business tasks ends up being a risky activity for the business. In this situation there is requirement for effective business and corporate administration course of action. BUSINESS ISSUES Currently, Servue Corporation is maintaining its business utilizing physical stores, email and telephonic request framework. However, the business too utilizes items requesting framework through calls from far off client. The business is utilizing 90s online game plan for catching requests. Be that as it may, such business course of action isn't a lot of powerful for web based business commercial center. Furthermore, the business is confronting a great deal of issues in pulling in the clients and focusing on the items. The business fundamental concern is to draw in entire UK’s people group towards the business and give a superior chance of pulling in a wide assortment of client classes. The primary issues here are absence of client reliability. The present business course of action depends on a customary heritage framework for dealing with the requests. So it doesn't pull in a lot of clients. Then again, Servue Corporation has a great deal of market contenders those are offering a lot of unrivaled client care and web based shopping capacities to business clients. ONLINE BUSINESS WEBSITE FOR SERVUE BUSINESS In this area I will introduce the conceivable answer for Servue Corporation so as to improve their business profitability and corporate working through the electronic channel. Here the fundamental suggestion is about the foundation of electronic business stage for conceivable business improvement and upgrade. This w ill be an online computerized requesting and retailing framework. Furthermore, business and market considers demonstrated that the development pace of the Internet buys has been incredibly high all through the earlier years, just as regardless of the conditions of this present reality money related debacle that influenced the online requests enrollment, things despite everything look very splendid for the Internet. From this perspective, individuals who support a help or item as a component of an Internet exchange have bounty

How to Write an Essay Without Needing Help

How to Write an Essay Without Needing HelpEveryone has seen the essay question that asks you to state your reason for doing the research or write an essay. This can be really frustrating as you want to write an essay but you don't know how to start it. If you are also wondering how to write an essay without needing help then read on.First, think about why you need to write an essay. You should be able to tell yourself why you need to write an essay and what you want to accomplish. Do not worry if you cannot give a clear explanation of why you need to write an essay. Writing an essay is just like anything else in life, you just have to get started.Write a list of all the things that you need to do to accomplish all the tasks listed on your list. The list must be detailed so you can be sure that you are on track. Make sure that you complete each step correctly or else you may not get where you need to be.Next, you should look into writing a paper for school or a business presentation o r project so you can answer the question of how to write an essay without needing help. Although this may seem like a little more work, when you feel like you have done the job properly, you will notice that you no longer need help when you write your own essay. Now, you can do it on your own. Start writing!There are many different styles of writing that can make this easier, but it can be done even with a pen and paper. If you would rather write on paper, start with a different topic. Once you get into the swing of things, you can always move to writing your own essay on your own.Writing an essay is a long process, but when you start writing on paper, it is much easier to get started. Just stick to the same topic that you wrote your essay on. You will find that once you get into the writing process, it does not take long to write your essay. It can also be done with just a pen and paper and you can revise it at anytime as you go.When you have written your essay, just sit down and s tart answering the question of how to write an essay without needing help. When you are finished, look over your paper and you will see how your essay came out. If you don't like the way you came out, you can always revise it again. Sometimes it is easier to re-write it several times until you get it exactly how you want it. When you get it exactly how you want it, you can go back and rewrite it all over again.When you get your essay back to you, make sure that you look over it carefully to make sure that you did everything exactly the way you wanted to. You should also go over it with someone else so they can correct any mistakes that you may have made or suggest changes to make your essay more interesting or something else.

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A Slant On

, # 8220 ; The Old Man And The Sea # 8221 ; Essay, Research Paper Santiago: A Perfect Role Model for Manolin In the novel, # 8220 ; The Old Man and the Sea # 8221 ; , Hemingway constructs a character that is simple similar to any incredible legend or graven picture ever. This character, named # 8220 ; Santiago # 8221 ; shows the highlights expected to stifle his contentions or if nothing else make everything he can to achieve his finishes. This is especially of import sing the way that he is taken a gander at as a astute man of sorts by another character, the youthful male kid named? Manolin. ? Manolin has known the old grown-up male since the age of five. As a protege to Santiago, Manolin has developed to hold an extraordinary exchange of respect for the old grown-up male. This is spoken to by the male youngster? s devotion to remain by the old grown-up male? s side no undertaking what the situation is. Santiago is the model of the homo will, and a show for how grit what's more, firmness can prevail upon inconveniences that appear to be about inconceivable to show signs of improvement of. From the get-go in the novel, we see that the old grown-up male has fallen onto troublesome occasions in his angling calling. This is non the primary clasp this has occurred however. It has been numerous yearss since his last trick and the situation looks truly dark to the individuals who do non cognize the old grown-up male? s want and grit. They see the# 8220 ; wrinkles # 8221 ; , and # 8220 ; harmful neoplastic sickness blotches # 8221 ; of an old grown-up male, however non the eyes, which# 8220 ; have stayed unaltered. # 8221 ; Most of the townsfolk know about Santiago? s looking demoralization, and their responses to this are somewhat separated. A decent piece of the townsfolk and chap anglers identify for Santiago and save an extraordinary exchange of respect for this fallen legend. Be that as it may, the others evade him and his curst angling fortune. They are odd and experience that he carries a foreboding shadow to linger over the humble community that will cuss every one of them with his precise terrible luck. In any case, it is clear to the peruser that it is the thing that Santiago has, which the cynical anglers do non, that gives the old grown-up male a general favorable position. This prized proprietorship is distinguished by the peruser as a solid will. Apparently Santiago has ever pined for the solid will. When known as # 8220 ; El Campeon # 8221 ; , in view of his solitary arm-wrestling and angling capacities, apparently he despite everything acquires this solid will inside him. As a human-focused in the most genuine sense, he was more than ready to learn the juvenile Manolin all that he knew about calculating while Manolin was only a extremely juvenile child. Consequently, an extraordinary exchange of regard was framed by Manolin in affirmation for the become a close acquaintence with by Santiago. By and by, by the by, Manolin, in the same way as other of the other anglers isn? t totally clear on the best way to respond to the old grown-up male? s issue. He understands that the old grown-up male is in an unrealistically terrible angling drouth, yet he other than recalls their firmness in the days gone by and the wagess they harvested for it. He concludes that he will take non to tune in to others, for example, his male parent and what they need to state, and proceed on the side of his companion. As a characteristic of his certainty, Manolin chief inquires the old grown-up male in the event that he may join to him on his following twenty-four hours? s excursion to the ocean. From the start this petition is turned somewhere near the old grown-up male. In any case, after more remote haggling and a spot of thinking back of better occasions, the old grown-up male consents to some guide from the male kid. The hesitance by Santiago shows his consideration for the male youngster? s prosperity. It is just the grown-up male? s affirmation in his salvation that permitted him to inevitably acknowledge the male youngster? s offer of help. Santiago? s sureness in this # 8220 ; salvation # 8221 ; is confounding to a few, while Manolin has no issue hold oning the idea. This is on the grounds that the characteristics that have been imparted into the male kid are equivalent to the old grown-up male? s. They are truly accepting on a similar frequency. This isolates, or secludes them from the rest of the unassuming community ; yet neither the male youngster nor the grown-up male really minds. Along these lines in the book comes the troublesome preliminary of Santiago? s mental and physical qualities. At long last, his chance for salvation, comes in the signifier of a Extremely huge fish. Indeed, it is the biggest fish the old grown-up male has ever endeavored to get. An extraordinary clash between the old grown-up male and the fish Begins. This contention, by the by, is non one powered by wrath and destruction, however rather by valiance and volitions. The old grown-up male and the fish are comparative in specific features. These features are perceived by the old grown-up male, and this is the reason the contention is such a fair one obviously on the two terminals of the rope. # 8220 ; There is a contrast between ? executing? also, the stopping of permitting a vivify being kick the bucket. # 8221 ; Santiago knows this, and he is acceptable resolved to pass on in the relentless fish, what's more, coherently so. # 8220 ; When a single sees that every limited place and truenesss are fliting and unequipped for being lasting objects of religion, so he will renounce every single old endeavor in urgency, atone in humbleness, and gratefully do the movement of religion by which totally his life can go important what's more, advantageous. # 8221 ; Yet at a similar clasp his respect for the fish and grant of his ain character jumbles any chances of unadulterated fulfillment for the salvation that would be the savage passing of the fish. Santiago discovered honor in all that he did. He was non a beggar ; however he had a lot to entreat for. He was non a weakling ; however disappointment since quite a while ago gazed him in the eyes. Most essentially, he was a lovingness grown-up male. He thought about himself also, others each piece. It was anything but difficult to see that these attributes had so been gone down to Manolin. Similarly as the old grown-up male found no # 8220 ; loss of genuine pride # 8221 ; in his disappointments, the male youngster discovered comparatively in his well disposed relationship with the old grown-up male. All things considered, in Hemingway? s # 8220 ; chase for more extensive cultural criticalness # 8221 ; , # 8220 ; The Old Man and the Sea # 8221 ; demonstrated it is non achievement that decides one? s worth. It is, as the male youngster and the grown-up male both knew, character that is the genuine clincher. Reference index A ) Klemke, E.D. # 8220 ; The Meaning of Life # 8221 ; New York: Oxford University Vitality 1981, p. 166 B ) # 8220 ; Hemingway # 8221 ; Compton? s Pictured Encyclopedia, vol. GH Chicago: 1957 p. 378 C ) Hemingway, Ernest # 8220 ; The Old Man and the Sea # 8221 ; New York: Simon A ; Schuster 1995 D ) Singer, Peter # 8220 ; Applied Ethics # 8221 ; New York: Oxford University Hugeness 1986, p. 87-88

Texas Common Application Essay Examples

Texas Common Application Essay ExamplesTexas Common Application Essay examples are easily found online, but it would be advisable to get some one in-person advice if you can find the documentation you need. The Texarkana University TX Common Application Essay allows students from all walks of life to earn a Bachelor's degree and can be downloaded for free as well.The application materials for the tuition of the classes are available at Texas. Students have two choices: a downloadable application or a hard copy. When choosing a downloadable version, make sure that you find a reliable application form that is easy to download.Texas Common Application Essay examples for essays, research papers, essays that include personal essay and independent study, and research papers that includes a research outline. Some examples that are available are Essay Sample, Teamwork Essay, Economics Essay, Assignments for Writing, and Business Essay Examples. The choices can also vary on the type of studen t. The essay examples can be made by high school students, freshmen, sophomores, juniors, seniors, graduate students, and those who hold a Bachelor's degree.It is not necessary that the student for the University of Texas must hold a Texas Common Application. If you have decided to pursue higher education as a means of getting a better job or living on your own, then this is the perfect opportunity to achieve this goal. Students can register as a part-time student, full-time student, or those who wish to attend the university.In order to secure admission to the University of Texas, you must be a citizen of the United States. All application materials have to meet the minimum qualifications in order to be considered for admission. For most schools, that includes submitting a high school transcript, a GED, and/or proof of grade point average, if applicable.The University of Texas offers programs in arts, humanities, science, and the liberal arts. College education has become much more comprehensive and there are numerous high quality academic programs available at the University of Texas. In addition, all colleges in the Texas campus are accredited and are located in different parts of the campus. The College of Liberal Arts is located near the medical school and in the West Campus.Colleges in the Medical Center are located on the east campus and the campus of The University of Texas, Dallas. The College of Liberal Arts is located on the west campus and The Texas Christian University is located on the north campus. These schools offer students with a variety of courses and degrees in their academic program.Texas Common Application Essay samples for high school students are not difficult to find. They may even be found online and can be used to apply for the application that is needed to be accepted to the University of Texas.

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College Alumni Interviewers

College Alumni Interviewers March 31, 2012 Many colleges over the years have done away with on campus interviews by college admissions counselors and/or selected current students. Instead, many colleges and in particularly the highly selective universities have turned almost exclusively to alumni interviewers. Alumni interviewers can range in age from fresh out of college to well into their 90s but what unites them all, typically, is a love for their college. College alumni interviewers shouldnt be angry when the students they interview dont get in. Its the nature of the highly selective college admissions process (photo credit: Jawed Karim). Some alumni choose not to interview for their highly selective college because they find it disheartening that so many of the students whom they interview get denied admission. Theyre surprised and sometimes even angered that a student they gave a glowing review wouldnt earn a spot at their alma mater.   Just because a student interviews well and the alum happens to like this kid doesnt mean he should get admitted. The alumni interview is a small piece of the highly selective college admissions puzzle. Maybe its narcissism. Maybe its an unfamiliarity with the highly selective college admissions process. Maybe its misplaced anger. Any way you cut it, college alumni interviewers are a valuable tool for admissions offices. They are (ideally) salesmen for the college. They  rave to prospective students why they should attend their alma mater. They have passion. And theyre in your neighborhoodits not like you typically have to travel far to see them. We just dont understand why college alumni interviewers get upset if their interviewees dont get in. The interviewers dont necessarily know the students test scores, their grades, what their college essays and recommendations are like. And thats not even all of it. Take a chill pill, alumni interviewers. Your highly selective college is just that highly selective. That means not everyone gets in. That means most dont. That means the students you interview probably wont either. And its certainly not a reflection on you! Check out this newsletter on what applicants shouldnt do on  alumni interviews.

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The Albany Plan of Union

The Albany Plan of Union was an early proposal to organize the British-held American colonies under a single central government. While independence from Great Britain was not its intent, the Albany Plan represented the first officially-endorsed proposal to organize the American colonies under a single, centralized government. The Albany Congress While it was never implemented, the Albany Plan was adopted on July 10, 1754, by the Albany Congress, a convention attended by representatives of seven of the thirteen American colonies. The colonies of Maryland, Pennsylvania, New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire sent colonial commissioners to the Congress. The British government itself had ordered the Albany Congress to meet in response to a failed series of negotiations between New York’s colonial government and the Mohawk Indian nation, then a part of the larger Iroquois Confederation. Ideally, the British Crown hoped the Albany Congress would result in a treaty between the colonial governments and the Iroquois clearly spelling out a policy of colonial-Indian cooperation. Sensing the certainty of the looming French and Indian War, the British considered the cooperation of the Iroquois to be essential should the colonies be threatened by the conflict. While a treaty with the Iroquois may have been their primary assignment, the colonial delegates also discussed other matters, like forming a union. Benjamin Franklin’s Plan of Union Long before the Albany Convention, plans to centralize the American colonies into a â€Å"union† had been circulated. The most vocal proponent of such a union of colonial governments was Benjamin Franklin of Pennsylvania, who had shared his ideas for a union with several of his colleagues. When he learned of the coming Albany Congress convention, Franklin published the famous â€Å"Join, or Die† political cartoon in his newspaper, The Pennsylvania Gazette. The cartoon illustrates the need for a union by comparing the colonies to separated pieces of a snake’s body. As soon as he was selected as Pennsylvania’s delegate to the Congress, Franklin published copies of what he called his â€Å"short hints towards a scheme for uniting the Northern Colonies† with the support of the British Parliament. Indeed, the British government at the time did consider that placing the colonies under closer, centralized supervision would be advantageous to the Crown by making it easier to control them from afar. In addition, a growing number of colonists agreed with the need to organize in order to better defend their common interests. After convening on June 19, 1754, the delegates to the Albany Convention voted to discuss the Albany Plan for Union on June 24. By June 28, a union subcommittee presented a draft plan to the full Convention. After extensive debate and amendment, a final version was adopted on July 10. Under the Albany Plan, the combined colonial governments, except for those of Georgia and Delaware, would appoint members of a â€Å"Grand Council,† to be overseen by a â€Å"president General† appointed by the British Parliament. Delaware was excluded from the Albany Plan because it and Pennsylvania shared the same governor at the time. Historians have speculated that Georgia was excluded because, being considered a sparsely-populated â€Å"frontier† colony, it would have been unable to contribute equally to the common defense and support of the union. While the convention delegates unanimously approved the Albany Plan, the legislatures of all seven colonies rejected it, because it would have taken away some of their existing powers. Due to the colonial legislatures’ rejection, the Albany Plan was never submitted to the British Crown for approval. However, the British Board of Trade considered and also rejected it. Having already sent General Edward Braddock, along with two commissioners, to take care of Indian relations, the British government believed it could continue to manage the colonies from London. How Albany Plan Government Would Have Worked Had the Albany Plan been adopted, the two branches of government, the Grand Council and the president General, would have worked as a unified government charged with dealing with disputes and agreements between the colonies, as well as regulating colonial relations and treaties with the Indian tribes. In response to the tendency at the time of the colonial governors appointed by the British Parliament to override the colonial legislators chosen by the people, the Albany Plan would have given the Grand Council more relative power than the president General. The plan would have also allowed the new unified government to impose and collect taxes to support its operations and provide for the defense of the union. While the Albany Plan failed to be adopted, many of its elements formed the basis of American government as embodied in the Articles of Confederation and, eventually, the U.S. Constitution. In 1789, one year after the final ratification of the Constitution, Benjamin Franklin suggested that adoption of the Albany Plan might have greatly delayed the colonial separation from England and the ​American Revolution. â€Å"On Reflection it now seems probable, that if the foregoing Plan [the Albany Plan] or something like it, had been adopted and carried into Execution, the subsequent Separation of the Colonies from the Mother Country might not so soon have happened, nor the Mischiefs suffered on both sides have occurred, perhaps during another Century. For the Colonies, if so united, would have really been, as they then thought themselves, sufficient to their own Defence, and being trusted with it, as by the Plan, an Army from Britain, for that purpose would have been unnecessary: The Pretences for framing the Stamp-Act would not then have existed, nor the other Projects for drawing a Revenue from America to Britain by Acts of Parliament, which were the Cause of the Breach, and attended with such terrible Expence of Blood and Treasure: so that the different Parts of the Empire might still have remained in Peace and Union,† wrote Franklin. Britain’s Reaction to the Albany Plan of Union Fearing that if the Albany Plan was accepted, His Majesty’s Government might have a hard time continuing to control its now far more powerful American colonies, the British Crown hesitated to push the plan through Parliament. However, the Crown’s fears were misplaced. The individual American colonists were still far from being prepared to handle the self-government responsibilities demanded by being part of a union. In addition, the existing colonial assemblies ready to surrender their recently hard-won control of local affairs to a single central government. Indeed, that would not happen until well after the submission of the Declaration of Independence.   The Legacy of the Albany Plan of Union While his Albany Plan of Union had not proposed separation from Britain, Benjamin Franklin had accounted for many of the challenges the new American government would face after independence. Franklin knew that once independent of the Crown, America would be solely responsible for necessities like maintaining its financial stability, proving a viable economy, establishing a system of justice, and defending the people from attacks by Indians and foreign enemies.   In the final analysis, the Albany Plan of Union created the elements of a true union, many of which would be adopted in September 1774, when the First Continental Congress convened in Philadelphia to set America on the road to revolution.